We are using Solastis platform for all our internal work. We are an IT solution development company based here in Queensland. Initially, we subscribed the solution thinking of using it only for sales enquiries. But quickly we saw its prowess and now for every type of work we have a case type. We use it to define cases for SEO work; we use it for AR collection work, we use it even for our office maintenance schedule cases.

Neil Whittingregular customer

We are very happy with Solastis CRM platform, It helps us to organize and review all our new sales activities at one place. The software is also quite easy to handle and understand. Overall 5 stars. read more

Sushil Laalour regular customer

We are a back office solution company based in Makati city, Manila. Using Solastis platform, our work has simplified a lot. The work assignment happens through cases, and its easy to see who is doing on which assignment. Also it is very easy now to pick up the situations where work is lagging behind.

Rico Engincoour regular client